Our Mission

In a word,
Community... denoting strength among people with a common purpose and a sense that diversity creates greater possibilties.

Community, eBusiness and You

Advrtec embraces this concept to bring together select professionals, experts in their respective fields to create products and services that encompass existing and future needs for a broad scope of businesses that rely on IT delivery systems. As we meet our objectives, completing projects, working closely together a synergy exists and sets the path ahead clear and direct. Our "community" business model is a proven performer that delivers on its promise providing diversity, adding quality to the services and products we offer, advancing eBusiness for you.

Companies such as yours can leverage our complete suite of Internet services to profit, reduce expense, and retain customers. Our areas of expertise include:

 Website Design
 Web Hosting
 Email Service/Marketing
 Merchant Services
 Business Software Integration

To provide you with the best possible products and services, we have established partnerships with competent leaders in the industry with a complete range of eBusiness offerings. When you work with us, you benefit from a multitude of skill sets within a well established community, plus cutting-edge technology, first-rate technical expertise, a single point of contact and the close working relationship of a local partner, a complete end-to-end solution, expert technical support and exceptional service.